Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jack The Peeper

UNBELIEVABLE in Beijing! Today's Legal Mirror reports the following news: a man was caught peeping at a woman from the pit beneath a non-flush, 'long drop' public toilet!

Here are the facts: yesterday at around 11pm in the Shijingshan district, Ms. Liu went to the loo and saw the shape of a man moving underneath the poop-holes of the public toilet. After rushing out in panic, she immediately returned to the scene accompanied by a female friend and two men. After checking the women's toilet without seeing the peeping bugger, they moved on to the men's to find a man quietly squatting over a poop-hole. They asked him if he saw anybody leaving the toilet, and his reply was '走了! 走了!' (he's gone!). Only problem was, the squatting man had smears of crap on his clothes and filthy plastic bags wrapped around his shoes.

The guy was captured and he's now under police custody.

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